Projets triés par artiste /


Jordan Bennett & Lori Blondeau


David Bobier & Anna Karpinski

The Vibrational Mapping Project

Hank Bull

Flow Tilla Thrilla

Alexis Bulman & Norma Jean MacLean

Tarp It, Run a Cord

Lisa Birke & Terrance Houle

Different Ways

Charles Campbell

Actor Boy: Travels in Birdsong

Raven Davis, Allan Saulis, Teresa Marshall

Supporting and Working with Indigenous Artists and Curators

Building, Dreaming, Connecting and Navigating White Spaces and Including Non-Indigenous participation in Indigenous Futures

Michael DiRisio & Teresa Carlesimo

toward an unachievable blankness

Indigenous Peoples Artist Collective

Kitchen Party & Performance

The Floating Warren Pavilion


The Anecdotalist in Residence

Luis Jacob

Vacant Lots & Tangled Gardens

Maryse Larivière

“Orgazing” Lancement du livre

Sooyeong Lee

Food for Thoughts: Mindful Practice: Kitchen as Studio

Mathieu Léger

Sur un plateau d’argent / On a Silver Platter

Todd Lester

Life of a Craphead

Caroline Loncol Daigneault

“Songlines” Lancement du livre

Russell Louder

Food for Thoughts: Humble Pie & Glam Cave

The Magic Project

Food for Thoughts: Art, Activism and Race Relations

Divya Mehra

Grief flows very easily into anger and disdain, and creates a soft and radical rage

Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay

Colin Is My Real Name

Meagan Musseau, Vivian Ross-Smith, Jane Walker

SHED Talks: I am a rock

Meagan Musseau, Lindsay Dobbin, Joanna Barker

SHED Talks: An introduction to the Landless Band

Society of Anonymous Drawers / Société des dessinateurs anonymes

Stih & Schnock


Sarah Wendt & Pascal Dufaux

The work of the dancer: a short-term archival device

D’Arcy Wilson

The Memorialist: Keynote Address

Brandon Vickerd

Sputnik Returned 2